Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lightning Medicine Cloud

"He's the hope of all nations," said Arby Little Soldier, upon whose land the calf was born on May 12, 2011. "The red man, black man, white man and yellow man; we've all got to come together as one."
Unity and peace were major themes, as was respect for the environment and the awareness that all living things are interdependent.
The white buffalo is an omen that signifies the arrival of hard times unless people learn to change their ways and live in a manner that benefits everyone, including Mother Earth."

The full article link is below........after reading this excerpt, does anything come up for you? Do you believe in omens? Do you believe that any of this has any significance in your life? Are there any changes you could make to bring significance to this event for you?

I find these things amazing. I am a spiritual person so I believe all events happen for a reason.I tend to be attracted to Native American process as they are so connected to the Earth and her rhythmes that I trust they feel things on a deeper level than I am aware of. To know the power behind the birth of a white buffalo feels good. This has been happening more often over the last decade and I wonder, has the Universe been working over time to get out attention?

For our family, there are several things that have come up recently that we have been compelled to shift..........our waste consumption, our energy consumption, how we spend our quality time, and our relationship with food. These are big areas to cover but they are important, nonetheless.

The significance of Lightening Medicine Cloud's birth has proven to peek the interest of all of us here. The kids are eager to see pictures and know more. The adults are just as curious and look forward to learning more of all the white buffalo that have been more this past decade, their timing in this world, what was happening, where we's a process, as always.

I encourage you all to sit with this and FEEL what it is that comes up for you. If anything, and it's OK if nothing comes. To feel the power behind someone else's passion and beliefs isn't easy. It takes a lot of acceptance and trust to be able to honor them for who they are and respect their traditions, regardless of our own.

To me, it feels good. I feel joyful, hopeful, and more sure of the paths that we've chosen and feel more confident continuing in the directions we've chosen. We will continue to make the changes to the areas I've listed above and from there........who knows what will come next!!!

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